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Inspecció prèvia a l’enviament

The Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI, also called Final Random Inspection) is by far the most common type of QC check. It takes place once 100% of shipment quantity is finished and at least 80% is packed. Its objective is to confirm a shipment’s quality, before it is shipped and delivered to the customers.

Quality Defender adopts MIL-STD-105 (equivalent to ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-2003) as our AQL standard. We thoroughly inspect your products with focus on below key points:

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El nostre procés d'auditoria de proveïdors

We insist on thinking from our customers' perspetives. By designing and performing a scientific audit process we build the first layer of protection for your supply chain.

What worries you the most before you make a decision of placing your first order with a new supplier in a foreign country? There’s potential for a great business opportunity that could really take off but there are also many traps with scams, fakes, and just plain bad suppliers out there to watch out for. So how do you make sure you’re doing business with a legitimate supplier you can trust?

Quality Defender Supplier Audit is capable of providing you with an all-round insight of your supplier by a thorough audit process verifying the legitimacy, background, financial status, R&D capability, manufacturing process and quality assurance system of your chosen supplier before you initiate your first down payment to them.

A good Supplier Factory Audit Report will give you insights into your potential supplier's legitimacy as a manufacturer, their R&D ability, manufacturing capability and quality control system. We attach great importance to the factory's quality control system when conducting an audit. Have the workers been trained? Are Work Instructions in place? Are the components and materials been tested? Is a Pilot Run a standard procedure for a new products? Are the testing equipment calibrated on a regular basis? What corrective measures will they take when having defective products? All these questions leads to making a sound decision when you assess a supplier.

Quality Defender offers tailored-made audit services to fit all your purposes. Our audit services include but not limited to below:

Ethical Audits
Environmental Audits
Quality Assurance System Audits
Operation Structural Audits
Factory Sanitation Audits
Manufacturing Site Assessment

Durant la inspecció de producció

During Production Inspection (DPI or DUPRO) is a quality control inspection conducted while production is underway, and is especially good for products that are in continuous production, that have strict requirements for on-time shipments and as a follow-up when quality issues are found prior to manufacturing during a pre-production inspection.

Quality Defender’s comprehensive During Production Inspection quality assurance process gives you a thorough insight on the products being made, identifying the defective points before it's too late and minimize the risks in your supply chain. We provide our customers with Issue Finding Reports supported with pictures and videos.

Supervisió de càrrega de contenidors

A proper container loading is a critical step to ensure your products are correctly handled for safe transportation and delivery to you in a satisfactory condition.

Quality Defender Container Loading Supervision (CLS) carries out below key check points for your container loading at your supplier’s factory or at your forwarder's premises after a pre-shipment inspection (PSI).

Container conditions
Especificacions de producte
Shipping Marks,Packaging&Labelling
Loading supervision
Quantity loaded

Qualitydefender Container Loading Supervision

Once these checks are completed the container will be sealed as proof of compliance and an inspection report with pictures and videos will be issued to you.

Serveis de proveïment

Sourcing from China can be very a risky, complicated and lengthy process if you don’t have a reliable and experienced local team to select and assess 

the most suitable supplier(s) for you.

At Quality Defender we only work with reputable factories that have passed our strict assessment process. Through our supplier verification and with 

our experiences, our sourcing team will ensures only good suppliers with adequate production capacity, robust quality assurance system, well maintained 

machineries, good staff training, efficient managerial systems and healthy financial status are selected for our customers. 


Sourcing Process

  • 1. Product Requirement: Send us your product description, specification, certifications and target prices.
  • 2. Project Evaluation: Our team will evaluate your project, and if suitable will select the existing suppliers from our database or will use the information you provide to source new suppliers that best match the criteria you have set.
  • 3. Supplier Verification: We will provide you with a basic supplier profile covering the supplier’s general information with the images of the factory and production facilities. If required, we will carry our a supplier audit and send you a detailed audit report.
  • 4. Ordering and QC: We help arrange samples and obtain quotations. Once the samples and pricing are approved, our customers can place orders directly with the suppliers, and we provide quality inspection services to secure your product quality.

Why Choose Quality Defender for Sourcing?

  • Sourcing de productes
Container conditions
Especificacions de producte
Shipping Marks,Packaging&Labelling
Loading supervision
Quantity loaded
  • Full Package Sourcing Services: A complete service package from souring to quality control.
  • Free 14-Day Trail: Build your confidence for free
  • Reliability & Quality: We are committed to ethical business practices and compliance with laws and quality standards.

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